Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UP trip: Part 3. Porcupine Mountain State Park

We drove west from Marquette one morning and by the time we hit the west coast of the peninsula, Lake Superior was churning. We were about to be hit by a spectacular storm that produced crazy wind and 8-foot swells on the lake. 

We found a cozy little cabin to rent nestled in the trees right along the beach with tremendous views of the storm over the water.  We lit a fire and spent a wonderfully relaxed afternoon and evening watching the waves and storm, staring into the fire and finishing this puzzle that looked much like where we were staying.

The next day we drove south a bit to get to the Michigan's largest state park: the Porcupines. Looking out over the Lake of the Clouds (above) with all the leaves changing was magical. We spent several days checking out the area and doing some hiking.

I became obsessed with the moss. It was just so lush.

The trees were so yellow, but mostly at the top, making it seem like the sun was shining even on days that were quite grey.

We would then pass through areas that were cool and blue-green and ancient feeling.

To the west of the park is the Black River Scenic Parkway. A hiking trail connects five waterfalls on this  tremendous river — each more spectacular than the last.


Just one more leg to go — the Keweenaw to the Soo. But I may surprise you with a recipe tomorrow before the final trip roundup on Friday.


  1. The autumnal colours are stunning! I just love the look of moss. It looks so lush and full of life.

    Did you see any other waterfalls like Tahquamenon?

  2. Gorgeous photos! Those colors are excellent. Oh man, I want to be dropped into those leaves.

  3. Hi Jenni,
    I can't get enough of that moss, either! We decided to save Tahquamenon for next time!

    Thanks, Amanda!! I'd like to have a bed of moss and leaves!