Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Fair City: Ann Arbor on Design*Sponge

Back in mid-September, I showed you a little sneak peek of a project I was working on. I was very excited about it, but didn't know for sure if it would come to fruition. Well, it has! On Monday, the Ann Arbor City Guide went live on the Design*Sponge web site and features my illustration representing our fair city. If you are not familiar with Design*Sponge, it is a website dedicated to home and product design run by Grace Bonney out of Brooklyn. Since 2004, Grace has been sharing her great taste in everything from crafty DIY projects to glossy new interior design projects in a fun and fresh way.

I have to say that my favorite feature on the site is the city guides section. When my parents moved to Wilmington, NC from New York, I immediately sent them over to the D*S Wilmington guide and some of their favorite places — and mine — were found in that guide. And then, when I moved to Michigan, I lamented that there wasn't one for Ann Arbor but took great pleasure in Sweet Juniper's exhaustive guide to Detroit. (Though it appears to be missing from the site right now.)  I'm still working my way through his list! And now, I actually got to participate in the Ann Arbor one. What fun! Jaimi Gadaix put together a wonderful taste of our town focusing on the five senses. I definitely recommend a read through — and don't miss the comments section, it is chock full of fun extras! In case you are interested, I now have the illustration I did available as a print in my Etsy shop: 8"x10" here or 11"x14" here. The Ann Arbor name part is slightly redesigned to be more appropriate to a print (as shown above).


  1. I really love it. It's funny too, because I subscribe and read Design Sponge daily and when I saw the post before I even read a thing... I was already thinking about how much I loved this illustration and here it's YOURS! It's so fabulous! I love how it feels like we're peeking thru the bushes at each little unique area of A2. It was very well executed and thought out. I'm so very excited for you!

  2. I. want. that. print. so. badly. As soon as I get a better job (i.e. have more moneys to spend) - I am going to get this and add it to my Nicole Ray Collection!

  3. Cheryl-
    Thanks so much! I am thrilled to be on D*S — I've been a daily reader since it started way back in 04, so it is a huge honor! Glad you like!

    I have to say I KNEW you would like it. I really was thinking that with you being in Seattle, you probably would like a little A2 love. Just drop a line when you're ready!

    Thank you all again!