Monday, October 04, 2010

The dreams we have while on vacation…

Hello! It's been a couple of weeks now and in that time they boy and I have been all over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and back again.  What a trip and what a place! Lakes the size of oceans, powerful waterfalls, blazing fall color, incredibly friendly people, and so much more. While I weed through the over 1,000 photos we took to share some highlights, I thought I would tell you this: We did some serious dreaming about living up there. It's just that gorgeous. And so… we almost bought a house, a truck and a boat. Have a look:

This one-room beauty right on Lake Superior is weighing heavy on our minds. What a spectacular dream it would be to hunker down and live a la Thoreau in this rustic cabin. Not pictured: an equally charming sauna right next door. The little beach it's on is at left below.

We stumbled on this 1973 Toyota Landcruiser — a dream vehicle for both the boy and me — while tracking down a lighthouse that you can stay in. Despite a ridiculously good price, it topped out at 35 mph making it a bit tough to get back home (although it could have made it to that sweet little cabin above, non?!). 

And last but not least, this beauty of a little wooden boat. Don't worry, we did more than shop on our trip, but this is what vacations are all about: getting outside your routine, dreaming a little and basking in the beauty of nature — more on that part later this week when I get through all those photos! In the meantime, it's also lovely to be back!


  1. Oh man, if I had the money I'd buy all three. It would be cute to have a one room cabin. It certainly would change the way of living, I mean, verses a normal multiple room house. I love that the interior of the boat is a light blue. I've never seen that before!

  2. Oh man, is right. I am seriously wanting all three. The blue on the interior of the boat reminds me of porch ceilings painted sky blue — which I have always loved. I'll keep you posted if anything happens with any of them… or if you want details for yourself ; )

  3. Beautiful pictures.. I adored the hut.. I would also like to live in a place like this.. it seems magic.

  4. Thanks, Yasmin — it is indeed like magic!