Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wednesday Lunches at Pot and Box

Hello! Have you heard about the Wednesday Lunches at Pot and Box in Ann Arbor? No? Well, let me tell you: It is a ten-week series that each week features a lunch menu built around one spice. Gauri Thergaonkar is the cooking mastermind behind it all and Lisa is the host and owner of Pot and Box, a lovely little flower shop at 220 Felch Street.
Each week, the menu is posted online on Sunday and you may make a reservation for vegetarian, or non-veg. Only 30 lunches are served and the first two weeks were both sold out by Sunday afternoon, so you've got to be quick to make your reservations! The first week's spice was the long pepper and was sold out before I could wrangle that reservation. But I made it to week (thanks to my boss, Kim!) and was stunned by the cumin-based meal. This food is outstanding -- fresh, well-balanced, perfectly spiced!
Wednesday Lunches at Pot and Box
As we entered the shop, we were greeted by the smiling Guari and a little display of the featured spice. She also provides a fun fact sheet with all sorts of info about the spice. Did you know, for example, that cumin is part of the parsley family? Or that it is useful for keeping lovers, chickens and soldiers going to battle from straying? We also learned that Theophrastus in the Study of Plants said that "when people are sowing it, they must curse and slander if they want it to be healthy and prolific."
Wednesday Lunches at Pot and Box

Wednesday Lunches at Pot and Box The menu included cumin-cured pork loin or lentil fritters, corn relish, peach chutney and a tortilla. Using only the featured spice and salt, Guari made each of these dishes distinct and delicious! And it was all topped off by a cumin butter cookie that melts in your mouth.

Wednesday Lunches at Pot and BoxWe are going into week 3 and this week will be all about cardamom -- one of my favorites! Oh! And I just looked and week 4 is already sold out!! Go send your emails now and get a spot for this limited series of lunches. You will not be disappointed!

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