Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drawing a dream car

1978 lemon yellow Volkswagen beetle convertible1978 lemon yellow Volkswagen beetle convertibleMy friend Rania's husband just bought his all-time dream car: a 1978 Volkswagen beetle convertible. He owned this same car when he was just twenty years old and always knew he wanted another. And what fun for me, Rania asked me to draw this new dream car for him as a gift. Have a look…

1978 lemon yellow Volkswagen beetle convertible


  1. You captured the car perfectly, Nicole! Gorgeous!


  2. Thanks so much, early birds!!!

  3. There is a convertible VW white one for sale in Jamesport on the boulevard
    will send you a photo

  4. You art makes our living space a colored one THANK YOU we love it

  5. While others dream of cutting edge luxury cars, I see this yellow Beetle and I don’t think I can ask for more. It’s nice to dream of a car that once colored a person’s youthful days. Now, you got me thinking of what would happen to my Lexus convertible decades from now. Perhaps, I would want it again in the future. =)

    Prince Moss

  6. This has always always been my dream car! ...Is the print for sale? :)

    1. It is, Marlene! The listing in my shop is here: