Monday, May 24, 2010

New print in the shop! The Masked Bird

Giclee print Masked bird by Sloe Gin Fizz
Happy Monday, everyone!

I feel as though I've been a bit distracted here on the blog recently. I do some gardening for a few folks around town and this spring I got to design several new gardens and beds. I became thoroughly obsessive about it to the point of total distraction — my apologies to you. But happily, I am back on track and plunging into some new work for summer — and some new recipes. This masked bird wonder has been lingering in my sketchbook for a couple of months and I thought I'd reveal him to the world today. He's available as a print in the shop, though I've been contemplating a t-shirt or new notebook with him. Stay tuned…


  1. Love him so much. I say a t-shirt. I'm wearing super frog today!

  2. Yay super frog! One day a tee will be made. i'm on it.