Thursday, May 06, 2010

I wanted to give you donuts, but all I have are …

Whoa is me, the butter is frozen.

I've barely been able to get a full meal on the table this week and haven't shared a single recipe with you yet. I said I would. All morning long I was stewing about it and finally I knew just what I would make for you: doughnut muffins. I haven't had many recipes jumping out at me, begging to be made lately. But this one was softly, quietly calling my name. Doughnut muffins. I knew the ingredients are mostly basics that I would have on hand and felt I owed it to you to bake up a batch. I raced home this afternoon to make them just for you, lickety-split. But…

The butter — all 12 tablespoons of it — is frozen.

And so I give you … peas.

Inspired by Jen of Indie Fixx's post over at Craft, I put together a makeshift trellis for our snap peas last night. You can find full instructions here. I used some twigs I found around the yard and tied it all to our balcony. Voila! Instant trellis.

So just know that I have been thinking of you and, tomorrow, for you: doughnut muffins. It'll be Friday and it will be worth it!


  1. Okay, Nicole, peas instead of doughnut muffins? I think not! I know my rights! I know my vegetables, and doughnuts aren't them! I hope you leave the butter out so I can see what a doughnut muffin looks like. It is combining two of my most favorite things, so I'm betting it is amazing. Oh, and the trellis is great - lol!! xoxox Pam

  2. Believe me, I know. So sad. Really? Peas instead of donuts. Nobody wants that — least of all me. Stay tuned… this weekend: homemade doughnut muffins, hummus and pita and lord knows what else… guilt alone will drive me to the kitchen. Guilt alone will make me do it!!!

  3. P.S. Butter is out and close to thawed!!!