Monday, December 14, 2009

Down a Red Velvet Rabbit Hole

I started in Detroit and ended up down the rabbit hole in southern Missouri. Reading through some of my favorite blogs this dreamy photo caught my eye on Perfect Laughter's latest Starred column. Perfect Laughter has become my go-to for news about the Detroit art scene and, in this case, beyond. I love the color and mood and how could you not love Christmas lights cascading down a wall to form a headboard? I noticed it was from Skunkboy Creatures who I have been captivated by lately.

Skunkboy Creatures

Katie, the lovely creature responsible for Skunkboy Creatures, was my neighbor at Renegade in Chicago and she just oozes talent. Not only does she sew the most delightful creatures, but she is full of style and sweetness. The caption beneath the photo said that it was via A Beautiful Mess, so of course, I clicked through and found myself in a wonderland of breathtaking photos and southern charm.

Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest. One of the blogs featured on A Beautiful Mess

The blog is by Elsie Flannigan and the link was to her post listing 10 blogs she enjoys. Bonanza! Each one is more delicious than the last. But even more importantly, this jump led me to Elsie's shop: Red Velvet Art.

Cuckoo Clock Necklace available at Red Velvet Art

Poster by Chris Merritt at Red Velvet Art

It is both online and a brick-and-mortar shop in Springfield, Missouri. Browsing through the shop makes me want to take a huge detour on our trip to North Carolina to soak up the atmosphere in what must be a charming, charming place. Sigh.

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