Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let the DIY HOLIDAY Season Begin: Especially in Detroit & Chicago!

I have never been one to break into the holiday cheer business until well after Thanksgiving — it usually hits me about a week or so before Christmas and then I scurry around like a madwoman. But this year, being so much more involved with the online world of making stuff and with craft shows and all, I have been fully caught up in the business of holiday cheer since the very beginning of November.

This is where the world of online shopping is blessed: no dang Christmas music even if you do start your shopping early — the best! It's easy to get so caught up in it all that you think you are behind. I have to keep reminding myself, that, no, I'm actually ahead of the curve; it really is still a week before Thanksgiving. AND, I am so pleased to admit that I LOVE it. I love the whole kit and kaboodle of dwelling on gingerbread and candy canes, holly and ornaments way too early. So, as I said in the title of this post, "Let the Holiday Season Begin!!"
Bring on the snow! And better still, bring on the shopping! I have two holiday oriented shows coming up right around the corner — come on out and be merry!

The first is this Saturday, November 21 in Detroit. It is the utterly fantastic Detroit Urban Craft Fair at the Majestic Theater from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. I was new to the area last year and went as a shopper to this fair and it blew me away. An amazing roster of vendors, delicious food — and beer, what more could a giddy holiday shopper want?!?! So come on down this year and see what it's all about! More details and directions here: www.detroiturbancraftfair.com.

The second show is the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in Chicago, December 5 and 6. It's from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. both days at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse. To me, this is the mother of all craft fairs. Hundreds of tremendously talented vendors from near and far with such a wide variety of handmade items to share. I'll be sharing a table with the lovely, talented Michelle of Elevated Press who makes beautiful letter-pressed stationary.

Hope you are starting to feel the cheer, too!


  1. I really want to buy some (and by that I mean two or three sets) of your tags with the mittens and birds on them. Would you prefer me to buy them on Etsy (can I use credit card?) or just do a cash money exchange in the Biv? Speaking of - I miss you & miss working with you. The new kids are just not as fun (Kirk and I were reminiscing on how awesome the summer staff was and how we never work together anymore).

  2. Love the tags! I wish I could come to your shows - they sound awesome! HO HO HO!!!!! haha! xox Pam

  3. Thanks everyone! Pam - I am really hoping to do the Crafty Bastards show next year, so perhaps we will meet in person one day!! Hope you're well and in full holiday swing!!

  4. Hope you sell a lot of STUFF!

  5. Nicole - I love the gift tags! I wrapped one of my presents today just so I could use one!