Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

OK, are roasted pumpkin seeds really worth writing a blog post about? Such a simple thing. And yet… every single time I make them, I am wowed by how good they are. Somehow I forget, and then I taste one hot from the oven. I taste them and think, goodness these things are awesome. Plus, it's fall. They're essential. So here it is. A post for the humble roasted pumpkin seed. On Halloween no less.

I bought a pie pumpkin thinking I would be good and roast it up for a pumpkin pie or muffins rather than use good old Libby's canned. But after just a couple of days decorating the table, I noticed that it had already started to rot and realized it had to be roasted immediately. I sliced it open, but found that it had just too many areas of full-on mold. So I salvaged the seeds to roast on their own.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Preheat the oven to 325º. Rinse the seeds under cold water immediately after scooping them out so that the fibers don't have time to dry out and permanently attach themselves. Remove as much of the fibers and strings as possible and shake them out to dry them. (I don't recommend using a paper towel to blot them. Every single one will stick to said paper towel. Damn. I learned that the hard way. Scatter them on a rimmed baking sheet and toss with oil. Sprinkle generously with salt and spread into even layer. Roast until browned and crisp, about 25 minutes. Let cool and store in an airtight container — or scarf them down while still warm from the oven!!

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