Monday, July 06, 2009

Eating my way through Wilmington, NC

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back at my desk. After more than a week away, I am happy and refreshed to be back to blogging and work. I got back from North Carolina on Thursday night and was anxious to jump right in, but with the holiday weekend and all, it just didn't happen. I hope everyone had a festive holiday. I know here the weather is magnificent — I hope it is where you are, too.

Wilmington and visiting my parents was wonderful. The trip revolved around good food, lots of beach time and visiting. I thought for today I would share some of the fantastic meals I had…

Within an hour of landing, I was lounging at Dockside staring at the Intracoastal Waterway about to dig into this fried flounder sandwich and cole slaw. Vacation is good!

We had what I think of as the quintessential summer meal from when I was growing up: barbecue chicken, rice and beans and salad. The best!

Of course I had to have my fill of shrimp while in town. Above is my mom's beer-marinated shrimp on the grill with local corn picked that day.

More shrimp in this fantastic salad at The Basics in Wilmington: Spinach salad with horseradish ranch dressing, pesto marinated, grilled and chilled shrimp, fried green tomatoes and bacon. Decadent!!

A corn and tomato pie. It took longer to cook than expected, so with an extended cocktail hour, my shot of the finished result is blurry to say the least — but it was delicious!!

Incredible fresh grouper salad, enjoyed dockside in Southport.

Final night's meal in Wilmington at Indochine. This Thai/Vietnamese restaurant is so fantastic — we were seated outside in our own little hut. If you are ever in Wilmington, this would be the go-to spot!!

And that's all for now from my North Carolina eating adventure. Have a great day!!


    You must have gotten a lot of exercise- swimming, biking and walking.

  2. Yes, lots of swimming and walking, but not NEARLY enough! Back to reality here with a jog this morning.