Thursday, June 04, 2009

Balcony garden update

Our little apartment garden experiment is coming along nicely. The radishes are within days of being ready. Little carrot tops are peaking up all over — the seeds are so small that I ended up sowing them quite thickly. I don't know about you, but there is something about thinning little seedlings that makes me feel so mean. These little guys did their best and everybody came bursting out of the soil — as directed — and then, in one fell swoop, plucked out to be discarded. With the radishes, I tried to replant them, but the carrots are so thin and wispy… am I crazy? anyone else?

Our Ikea basil (I bought one of those little seed kits that includes the soil at Ikea last fall)is blue ribbon worthy — I can't wait for Ikea pesto!


  1. Nicole - I had to laugh about you not wanting to thin the plants. I am exactly the same way - I always feel like apologizing! haha! I've got some basil coming up, too. Don't you love the way it smells? :)

  2. I DO love the way it smells!!

  3. Very funny- I leave the thinned seedling on the grass for the bunnies to snack on.