Monday, April 06, 2009

It's April 6th. Do you know where your mittens are?

That's right. This picture was taken today: April 6, 2009. It's snowing. I'm not talking about a couple of flurries. I'm talking six to ten inches. I just keep thinking: the poor crocuses. I couldn't find any even peeking out and yesterday they were everywhere. Maybe that would be a good name for a band, the Poor Crocuses. We could go on tour with the Darling Buds. Perhaps in Siberia. I feel like a poor crocus. Then again, how pretty are these hyacinths in the snow?!

I'm off to do some drawing now. Don't be surprised if I show up later with tropical flowers and beach scenes!


  1. good eye on the hyacinths in snow

  2. We had some flurries on Wednesday as I was heading to the annual Horseradish party in Jamesport.