Saturday, January 31, 2009

AADL rocks

I can't get over how great the Ann Arbor District library system is. They have figured out every modern convenience. The hours are great. You can track everything online, due dates, holds, etc. All your notifications come by email—they send reminders when your materials are due. You can reserve anything on the web site and it will be waiting for you in easily accessible shelves near the door. They have terrific new material that I wouldn't expect to find, like Mason-Dixon Knitting and the Alabama Stitch Book. There are multiple self-checkout kiosks. You can even check out framed artwork — and not just dorm room Monets. They have all kinds of unusual prints and original art. Amazing! I am used to libraries that can't even afford to be open on Sundays, have barely moved beyond the card catalog and have little new material. What a great resource! There. That's my two sense.

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