Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Like it's my job

Well, this was supposed to be a venue for my drawing-a-day way back when I set it up, but after two attempts, I don't think that's gonna fly… SO, let's start fresh. I read today about Jim Harbison in ReadyMade magazine. He started his blog as a virtual scrapbook because he was good at finding things and wanted a way to keep track. I want a way to keep track. I hope to post here anything that strikes my fancy or anything I'm doing at the moment because I don't want to forget those moments. I just made a major move a couple of months ago and have discovered so much in that time, that I'd like to have a place to both record those changes and adventures, and to share them with those I haven't been good about keeping in touch with. So there. That's me. And my new, new intro. I'm gonna blog like it's my job… 'til I get a job at least!! Plenty of pix to follow…

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