Thursday, March 07, 2013

DIY Perpetual calendar/journal

Back toward the beginning of the year I posted about the shelf I made from a book. I hinted at a little project that you could see in the photos. I'm finally back with a better look at that project: A market basket perpetual calendar/journal.

I first saw the project on design*sponge and loved it. I second saw the project on Sarah Marguerite and loved it. I third received a ceramic market basket as a gift and loved it.
I cut down the pages from a beautiful letterpress calendar from 2012 to use as my dividers. After much stamping and cutting (you could easily write in the dates instead but the stamp was fun and fairly inexpensive), I now I have my very own ongoing journal that requires little more than a sentence or two here and there. You can see the full, detailed instructions over on design*sponge.

I think it will be fun to cycle through each year and see what I was getting up to in years past.


  1. Jan 4... that's my birthday! Good day to make such an awesome keepsake :)

    1. Yay! You should make one for your birthday next year!! Thanks for stopping by.